Bangalore is Driving me Crazy!!!

  When I first arrived in Bangalore, I couldn’t figure out why people were always laughing when they saw Joelle and I out travelling. At one point I thought it was a reaction to us obviously being foreigners. Now that I’ve been here a while, I’ve realised that’s not it at all. The reason they stare and laugh… Continue reading Bangalore is Driving me Crazy!!!

Self Imposed Road Blocks & Accidental 10Ks

So this is easier than blogging about the event myself. Lot’s of love to Misha and kudos for writing a briliant blog post

Misha Rahman

Yesterday morning I ran my very first race.

Myself, two wonderful women from my IDEX cohort, and my boss Bhavna Toor all ran the Pinkathon, India’s largest women only race, on behalf of Shenomics.

I was nervous because I had changed my mind last minute and decided to run the 5K portion of the race (as opposed to the 3K portion I had originally intended.)

In the days prior to the Pinkathon, I had been trying to prepare by running at Ulsoor Lake. All my attempts kept coming well short of 5K (that’s just over 3 miles, for my fellow Americans.) I had a mental roadblock that manifested in many excuses. The leggings I had worn were making me too hot or I had just eaten and was too full to finish my run. One time I pet a stray puppy and then got it into my head that I…

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